Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beep Story

Hey Sarah,
Great work on the Beep blog! I just wanted to share my Beep memories with you.

We got it at Safeway in the 80s (in Alberta) and it was the sort of drink that was for birthday parties and stuff - more of a "special occasion" drink than an everyday one for sure (owing to its lack of actual juice, I guess)! It came in 2L cartons and had its name in that typical Safeway block lettering, and had illustrations of fruit on the front. It looked nothing like the pictures I've seen online, with the little bird. I know you could get it as recently as about 2000 because I have a (too embarrassing to share) photo of myself and a group of friends lovingly holding a carton of Beep :)

Anyway, I could also swear that at Halloween, they sold it as Witch's Brew. We used to get the little single-serve cartons in our trick or treat bags, but I think you could also get it in the 2L containers.

My husband is a few years older than me and grew up in Manitoba. He remembers the carton with the bird on it. So I'm thoroughly confused - the Beep that I grew up with was a Safeway-branded product, but it sounds like Farmer's in Nova Scotia is another company that makes it. Sounds like there may be different Beeps all over the country :)

I'm going home to Alberta for Thanksgiving and will see if I can spot and photograph my beloved Alberta Beep.

Thanks for the awesome blog and keep up the great work!