Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beep For Breakfast Ruler...

...up for auction on E-bay. Check it out HERE!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beep Story

Hey Sarah,
Great work on the Beep blog! I just wanted to share my Beep memories with you.

We got it at Safeway in the 80s (in Alberta) and it was the sort of drink that was for birthday parties and stuff - more of a "special occasion" drink than an everyday one for sure (owing to its lack of actual juice, I guess)! It came in 2L cartons and had its name in that typical Safeway block lettering, and had illustrations of fruit on the front. It looked nothing like the pictures I've seen online, with the little bird. I know you could get it as recently as about 2000 because I have a (too embarrassing to share) photo of myself and a group of friends lovingly holding a carton of Beep :)

Anyway, I could also swear that at Halloween, they sold it as Witch's Brew. We used to get the little single-serve cartons in our trick or treat bags, but I think you could also get it in the 2L containers.

My husband is a few years older than me and grew up in Manitoba. He remembers the carton with the bird on it. So I'm thoroughly confused - the Beep that I grew up with was a Safeway-branded product, but it sounds like Farmer's in Nova Scotia is another company that makes it. Sounds like there may be different Beeps all over the country :)

I'm going home to Alberta for Thanksgiving and will see if I can spot and photograph my beloved Alberta Beep.

Thanks for the awesome blog and keep up the great work!


Friday, May 29, 2009

Beep Caps

Some Beep Drink caps up for sale on e-bay. Snooze ya lose!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

1963 advert

Found this great ad from the 1963 Inwood Herald newspaper ...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Winnipeg treasure

Got an e-mail from my friend Tracy today:

"I just got back from a visit to my girlfriend Janice's in Winnipeg. Look at the FABULOUS treasure I found under her cabin porch!"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank you Dan!

I received a great letter (and photo) from Dan about BEEP.

Although your blog does mention it… I’ll confirm it: Farmer’s Dairy in Nova Scotia sells and distributes Beep in Nova Scotia… and has for at least the past 30 years.

How do I know?

When I was a youngin’ (a bit more than say 30+ years ago) and my family would take me from New Brunswick to visit my grandmother in Halifax, Beep was my drink when I got there. Right down to the “Beep For Breakfast” cup in your earlier blog posts, and complete with the little bird (who then appeared on both the carton and on my cup). Neither the cup nor the Beep bird could come back to New Brunswick with me though… it had to stay in Halifax where the Beep was.

Sadly, my grandmother has since passed on, but Beep still remains in Nova Scotia. To this day, whenever I go to Halifax to visit family or friends, I stock up on Beep for the trip home. Upon my return, it never lasts more than a week in my fridge, but it’s enjoyed while it does last.

Just last month, I made such a trip. I had a rental car, a Dodge Caliber, and conveniently these cars have a refrigerated glove box in which I was able to store a stash of Beep for the trip home (see photo). Also in the photo is my travelling companion, who by the grin on his face enjoys Beep every bit as much as I do. Maybe he’s a distant relative to the bird on the original box art, who knows.

Anyway, thought I’d share…
Cheers, and good Beeps
Dan C.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Beep in the USA

It appears that BEEP drink also was in the USA according to Pansypoo's blog.

"Beep" was a orange breakfast drink made by Reliable Dairy in South Bend Indiana many years ago. Their slogan was Beep for Breakfast! Not sure if this is what you were looking for or not. My Grandfather worked at the dairy and brought home Beep promo items like cups, a bird whistle, a pith helmut, etc.

Cute story about "BEEP For Breakfast" cup...

...over at this person's blog.

Beep For Breakfast cup for sale in Japan

Check out this adorable cup for sale on this Japanese website ...If I understood Japanese I would buy it in a heartbeat ... :(

Friday, January 23, 2009

Brain Capacity

I'm not the only one with Beep on the brain. Check out Brain Capacity's musings on Beep juice.

Reader submitted memories of Beep Juice

Anonymous - Beep was an orange sugar water put out by the dairy board - specifically (sp?) Parmalat Dairy. Just another attempt by the dairy industry to get us hooked. As if the chemicals in milk aren't enough - let's fill our kids with sugar water....mmmmm!

Thea - I am late to the Beep debate but we had it on the east coast too!! Our staple foods at lunch time were Beep and a licorice. Oh, teenage eating disorders! What fun. I can see the package so clearly, just like a small milk carton, bright orange with the little chick. :)

Mike, Jen and Julie - Hello Sarah, just thought you'd like to know that me and my two sisters are on a vacation in Rome (from Calgary) and are laughing our asses off about Beep. I googled Beep and found your blog. Even though we loved beep as kids, we have started using the word beep to describe crappy things. Ie, today we visited some ruins (somewhat crappy ruins) and my sister declared them to be the beep of ruins. Ciao from Roma!

Dave - I used to drink Beep all the time, one litre size, after a big night of roller skating or skate boarding. All my brothers and friends bought it at 7/11 in the early to mid 80's.

Anonymous - I love BEEP! I think they still sell it in Cape Breton. Didn't have a bird hatching from an egg on the carton? Having BEEP was way better than McDonalds orange drink. What a great name for a is just fun to say.

Anonymous - LOL Beep was a great product! No nutritional value whatsoever and a vibrant unnatural orange colour, it must have been distributed in Saskatchewan by Co-Op dairies because our milkman (remember those guys?) used to deliver it along with our milk 3 times a week. When I was about 10, my brother would have been 4, he was in bed and I brought him a drink of beep to which I had added some tabasco sauce...he drank it and started yipping and hollering and ran downstairs to tell on me...unfortunately our parents had guests over and man was I in trouble...I should mention that I wasn't in the habit of doing this kind of thing, we sure laugh about it now and my brother's wife keeps threatening to do something similar to me when I least expect it...

Pam - I grew up in Richmond, VA (DEFINITELY not Canada!) and we had Beep, although my family never got it. It was delivered with the milk. Came in a carton. And yes, there was a picture of a chick on the carton. Some of my friends even had Beep cups -- plastic yellow cups with the red Beep chick. I was so jealous....

Beep Juice ingredients

Beep Juice ingredients taken from the Farmer's Dairy Beep Juice page. I have no idea if this brand of Beep Juice is the same as the Saskatchewan juice I drank as a child

Ingredients: Water, sugar, concentrated orange juice, concentrated apple juice, apricot puree, citric acid, prune syrup, orange pulp, modified corn starch, canola oil, flavour, sodium citrate, colour, sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid.

Here is the nutritional content.
A photo of the East Coast packaging.

Farmers Dairy out East makes Beep

I googled Beep manufactures and found Farmers Dairy out east makes Beep. I wrote to ask if I could order some Beep to BC and this was their response.

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your inquiry. We do make beep, however, we only have distribution in the Atlantic Provinces and I am not aware of any other companies that make it.

Since we do not have distribution outside the Atlantic Province, you would have to find a carrier with refrigeration to pick up the product prepaid at our Halifax location. I am not aware of any carriers offering this service. If you are successful in locating a carrier and wish to purchase some beep, please contact me and I will have our credit department advise you of your payment options.

Kind regards,
Ron Marchand
Farmers Dairy Consumer Care

American's Guide to Canada

An American's Guide to Canada mentions Beep.
Manitoba drink made from about 1% real orange juice, 99% sugar, water, food colouring. Another visitor reports this is also available in the Maritimes.

Beep drink cups

I found some Beep Juice drink cups at an antique store.

Beep Juice!

Does anyone remember "BEEP juice"?

We also called it Beep Drink because I don't think it had enough fresh ingredients for it to actually be juice.

I drank it at track meets and birthday parties when I was in grade school. I think it may be a Saskatchwan thing... but does anyone else remember it?? It came in a white "milk" type carton with orange writing...I think the packaging boasted that it was 1% real juice. *laugh*