Friday, January 23, 2009

Farmers Dairy out East makes Beep

I googled Beep manufactures and found Farmers Dairy out east makes Beep. I wrote to ask if I could order some Beep to BC and this was their response.

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your inquiry. We do make beep, however, we only have distribution in the Atlantic Provinces and I am not aware of any other companies that make it.

Since we do not have distribution outside the Atlantic Province, you would have to find a carrier with refrigeration to pick up the product prepaid at our Halifax location. I am not aware of any carriers offering this service. If you are successful in locating a carrier and wish to purchase some beep, please contact me and I will have our credit department advise you of your payment options.

Kind regards,
Ron Marchand
Farmers Dairy Consumer Care

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