Friday, January 23, 2009

Reader submitted memories of Beep Juice

Anonymous - Beep was an orange sugar water put out by the dairy board - specifically (sp?) Parmalat Dairy. Just another attempt by the dairy industry to get us hooked. As if the chemicals in milk aren't enough - let's fill our kids with sugar water....mmmmm!

Thea - I am late to the Beep debate but we had it on the east coast too!! Our staple foods at lunch time were Beep and a licorice. Oh, teenage eating disorders! What fun. I can see the package so clearly, just like a small milk carton, bright orange with the little chick. :)

Mike, Jen and Julie - Hello Sarah, just thought you'd like to know that me and my two sisters are on a vacation in Rome (from Calgary) and are laughing our asses off about Beep. I googled Beep and found your blog. Even though we loved beep as kids, we have started using the word beep to describe crappy things. Ie, today we visited some ruins (somewhat crappy ruins) and my sister declared them to be the beep of ruins. Ciao from Roma!

Dave - I used to drink Beep all the time, one litre size, after a big night of roller skating or skate boarding. All my brothers and friends bought it at 7/11 in the early to mid 80's.

Anonymous - I love BEEP! I think they still sell it in Cape Breton. Didn't have a bird hatching from an egg on the carton? Having BEEP was way better than McDonalds orange drink. What a great name for a is just fun to say.

Anonymous - LOL Beep was a great product! No nutritional value whatsoever and a vibrant unnatural orange colour, it must have been distributed in Saskatchewan by Co-Op dairies because our milkman (remember those guys?) used to deliver it along with our milk 3 times a week. When I was about 10, my brother would have been 4, he was in bed and I brought him a drink of beep to which I had added some tabasco sauce...he drank it and started yipping and hollering and ran downstairs to tell on me...unfortunately our parents had guests over and man was I in trouble...I should mention that I wasn't in the habit of doing this kind of thing, we sure laugh about it now and my brother's wife keeps threatening to do something similar to me when I least expect it...

Pam - I grew up in Richmond, VA (DEFINITELY not Canada!) and we had Beep, although my family never got it. It was delivered with the milk. Came in a carton. And yes, there was a picture of a chick on the carton. Some of my friends even had Beep cups -- plastic yellow cups with the red Beep chick. I was so jealous....

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  1. My little brother was completely addicted to Beep. The milkman brought it every week. My brother consumed about a quart per visit. I thought it far too sweet even though I loved sugary drinks. Stuck with Nestle's Chocalate Milk myself. Brother ended up with juvenile arthritis and was treated at the Ronald McDonald Center in Stanford. Most of the siblings believed it was Beep abuse that led to this early on-set disease. This was forty or so years ago and his health is still not up to par. His wife wouldn't think of letting him go at anything with that much syrup.