Friday, January 23, 2009

Beep Juice!

Does anyone remember "BEEP juice"?

We also called it Beep Drink because I don't think it had enough fresh ingredients for it to actually be juice.

I drank it at track meets and birthday parties when I was in grade school. I think it may be a Saskatchwan thing... but does anyone else remember it?? It came in a white "milk" type carton with orange writing...I think the packaging boasted that it was 1% real juice. *laugh*


  1. I remember as a child my mother bought some and we had it for breakfast for a year or so. It was very tasty. I guess that's why I remember it to this day. I was living in Yellowknife, NWT at the time ( early 1970's)

  2. You can choose as fruit juice for breakfast .......Thanks ....

  3. Let me tell you… finding working cici's coupons is tough stuff these days!

  4. Our family had it delivered with our milk back in the early 60s in southern Ontario. I still miss it and I had the Beep cup too.

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