Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beep Memories

Beep memories in response to Chronicle Herald story:

Wayne from NS wrote:

Life is indeed a strange thing. As we journey on through, one by one we must say good bye to the things that have meant so much in our past. Our Grandparents, the cat "that thought it was people", the dogs we loved, Mom's home made strawberry jam, and finally dear old Mom herself. And now it's Beep to which we say good bye. Images come flooding back. Images of lunchtime drawing to a close at NSIT, a small carton of BEEP which had been purchased from the in-school CNIB canteen sits in front of almost every student in the cafeteria, each one having been fully opened, all garbage stuffed within, then folded back into itself in a tight, neat little package of refuse. Gone are those days. Is life better? Different yes, but better? I'm not so sure.
JMW59 wrote:
I had a flashback reading this article of being in grade school getting a small container of Beep and two oatmeal cookies for morning break. Great memories are created by the most simple of things sometimes.
busy wrote:
Beep conjurs up memories of a simpler time, when society didn't worry too much about weight issues, we had dessert every night at supper - and there was little childhood obesity. Kids played outside...I remember Beep, always a fixture on my grandmothers table at breakfast. She also had *gasp* homemade white rolls, yes, I said it "white" rolls - with homemade strawberry jam and usually porridge...with brown sugar and real cream, yeah, real cream, straight from a "real cow"....oh the memories, we would gobble up our rolls with jam and Beep and off we would go to play, with little or no adult supervision...only to come in at lunchtime for more delights from her kitchen...oh the cookies she could bake...and we were skinny, so skinny, skinned knees and nutmeg brown from the summer sun (we hadn't heard of skin cancer yet), heck it was the 70' mother didn't remind me to wear a sunhat - my hair was bleached blonde in the sun, sometimes my scalp got a little Beep, yes, Beep fills me with kids drink real orange juice and eat whole wheat bread...I'm getting some Beep today.
JMW59 wrote:
What wonderful memories, things really were so much simpler back then. None of the worries that kids have to bear today. I remember my only dilemma was trying to decide who I was going to play with and would we ride bikes or play hopscotch the next day after school. The wonderful smells that I would arrive home from school to in the fall when my mother had spent the day making pickles and relishes. Every room in the house decorated at Christmas time, all done lovingly by my mother. I'm so glad I grew up in the era I did, I only have wonderful memories.
Cowtowner wrote:
Say it isn't so! Wow, what a flood of memories that unleashed for me... I think it used to cost me 5 cents or maybe a dime back in elementary school at Ford Sackville School in Bedford. Sunny spring days on the playground, swigging back Beep and then of course folding over the top and closing it up tight to smash it under your heel to see who could make the loudest pop. I probably haven't had a drink of it in almost 40 years, but it's hard to forget the taste of that super-sweet beverage from my youth. As someone else has already mentioned, a simpler time to be sure.... Long live Beep!

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