Friday, March 5, 2010

Beep on facebook

I found a great BEEP facebook page today (I want that sign sooooo much! Anyone have a larger version of the photo?) and they had some interesting information listed:

I know when you look at the main picture that the Beep carton may not look like the one you may be used to. I remember a milk carton style container with a little chick hatching out of an egg and a large 25% real juice symbol on the box. (It's been a long time). As time goes by, I will find more information, and hopefully collect as much history as humanly possible. From what I can tell , Beep was created either by the "Co-op Dairy" company in Saskatchewan, or "Lucerine Foods", to be sold only at fine Canadian Safeway stores. It also may have been invented by a company called "Farmers Dairy" which dates back 85 years. It opened it's doors in 1920 in the Provence of Nova Scotia. They are all still producing high quality products...but, WHERE'S THE BEEP?!!!

While scanning the almighty web for details on the subject, it was mentioned Beep was discontinued in 2003 from lack of sales. (HOW COULD WE LET THIS HAPPEN??!) The glue holding the carton together was also being weakened due to the awesome acidic power of Beep and the product would leak. (Not good). However others still say that you can get it in Provinces on the East coast. What makes them so special??

Ingredients: Water, sugar, concentrated orange juice, concentrated apple juice, apricot puree, citric acid, prune syrup, orange pulp, modified corn starch, canola oil, flavour, sodium citrate, colour, sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid.


  1. That is the carton I remember.
    We used to rent a cottage in Bath Ontario for a couple of weeks every year. The milk truck would deliver milk to us and juice, etc.
    Beep was one of the juices he offered.
    It was a treat for sure because our local grocery stores in Montreal and later when we moved to Ottawa did not have it. Those 3 years in Bath Ontario with Beep every morning is something that is vivid from my childhood.

  2. I had one of those signs,i want back my old sign I sold 2 yrs ago...To many Antique collector's want my item's...
    Beep was the drink,my parents bought for me,when I was growing up in the 1980's