Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Beep Juice is BACK!

Sweet nostalgia! Beep drink makes a comeback by Scott Simpson

Beep -- a once-popular beverage that was taken off the market two years ago -- is making a comeback.

It was a staple of breakfast for millions right across the country, but after years of dwindling sales the fruit drink 'Beep' appeared to be gone for good in March 2010, when Farmers Dairy said it would stop making the sweet mix of juices, sugar and prune syrup.

Nutritionists were relieved, but hardcore beep fans panicked and bought all they could find.

Now Farmers Dairy says Beep will be back.

"The packaging arrived yesterday and production is scheduled for later this week," says an update on the Dairy's Facebook page. "Look for it in most stores that sell Farmers milk and other Farmers products starting next week. Remember Beep is only back for a little while, so enjoy it while you can."

You still won't be able to call it juice, but there's that slim chance that a nostalgia-based sellout could carry some weight with the company to bring it back for good. 



  1. W00t. I need to buy a few (dozen) cases of this, stash it in my basement and sell it off over the next few years on Kijiji or eBay. I wonder what the shelf life is like.

  2. It has appeared in stores such as Sobeys. My kids went nuts when I announced I brought two home. We'll be getting more with the car.

  3. Just picked up 4 1L cartons at Joe Howe Superstore in Halifax. One of the cartons was gone by the time I got home, about a 2 minute drive :) Also heard reports of Beep at Bedford and Bayers Lake Superstore.

  4. New Minas sold out at both major grocery stores on Saturday.