Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beep crazy!

The Farmers Dairy Facebook page has gone BEEP crazy!!  :)

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  1. 1961 Coca Cola sued Krim-Ko an Illinois company) for copyright infringement on their VEEP brand. Krim-Ko won.

    This is from the lawsuit
    Krim-Ko's product "BEEP" is described variously as a fruit juice drink base or a breakfast juice concentrate or breakfast fruit cocktail drink base. This base or concentrate is sold under a franchise license agreement to processing dairies which mix it with water, sugar and ascorbic acid to make the end consumer drink "BEEP." Krim-Ko argues that since the base or concentrate is not a soft drink and must be kept refrigerated, the only direct purchasers of the base or concentrate are processing dairies who are equipped to refrigerate the base or concentrate and to process it to make the drink (which requires refrigeration) for sale to the end consumer. From these facts Krim-Ko further argues that its product is not suitable for sale to other purchasers.